Last Chance for A Slow Dance

Brick Lane, London

Seemingly poltern activity is recorded within a derelict house. In ‘Last Chance For A Slow Dance’, a chair appears to move around a room in a single ten minute ‘take’. Continuing in the tradition of theatrical illusionists, fraudulent mediums and cinematic sideshows, the piece combines very old and new technologies.
Filmed and shown back in the same space, with the sound plumbed under the floorboards creating an unnerving slippage between the documented and the real physical presence of the activity.

The fact that the trick is ‘performed’ with wires, with hardly any digital manipulation of the footage confounds the technocrat’s belief in superior technology. The sceptical viewer may see the images as a triumph of computer generated imagery, of technology over documentation, but both sides come from a position of faith not rationality.

Believers herald the arrival of the digital video camera as the tool, which will finally allow the recording, and therefore proof of paranormal activity. Sceptics see the arrival of digital technology as allowing a greater ability to fake supposed documentary evidence, and further attack rationality.

This has been illustrated by the argument surrounding ‘ghost orbs’, bright floating balls of light, which are claimed by many to be the manifestation of the spirits of the dead. Ghost orbs are captured on digital cameras, and are the current cause celebre amongst spiritualists connected to the Internet.

However, it has also been suggested (by Philip Carr amongst others) that Ghost orbs’ are the result of the flash and the lens being placed too close together on modern compact cameras, and are nothing but the product of bad design.

‘Last Chance for a Slow Dance’ continues our investigations into the relationship between new technology and the uncanny.

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